Hi there, this is a general project of notetaking and reference making in the field of Maritime Education. I think historically we have a lot of problems in our approach to Education. Our discipline depends on having working knowledge of many other disciplines - meteorologist, mathematician, engineer, navigator, doctor, executive - because ships need to be self sufficient and capable. Unfortunately that self sufficiency and capability can mean our education looks inward a little too much, relying on our own knowledge when the reality is we are jacks of all trades and masters of little.

This can be amplified by a lack of citations across disciplines, so what I’m trying to do with this document here is provide an effective study guide for a learning seafarer that leverages very good texts that already exists, and also provides effective tools for training mathematical concepts.

My larger belief is that sticking to the surface on some issues hides the details that would help us understand them. I want my understanding of subject matter to be based on knowing the fundamental details, rather than simply memorising lots of facts. If you do too, maybe this will be helpful for you. Feedback is welcome at james (at) as I’m bound to get my understanding wrong from time to time, as we’re all learning.

Thanks for taking a look!

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